(With this site, you can also freely create your video advertisement!)

VideoAdeX.com allows you to create as well as target and broadcast your video ads on websites, mobile sites and mobile applications. You will also have at your disposal the tools to optimise your performances and track in real time the statistics of your campaigns.

How it works?

  • Upload
    your video ads

    Upload your ad designs, your tracking urls or add your VAST / VPAID redirect tags

  • Define your

    Define your targets in terms of completion, viewability, CTR, target audience coverage, and obtain an estimation of the potential number of impressions as well as the associated price.

  • Create your

    Indicate your budget, the start and end dates of your campaign, volumes sought. You can activate your campaign at any time

  • Follow your

    Track statistics and performances for your campaigns.
    Implement your arbitrations and plan automatic reports on Excel.